chia seed pudding with goats milk 
and sheeps milk yogurt with cinnamon w/my leftover trail mix from the plane
trying on clothes because I am bored/until I have to go to the bathroom and chek my snapchat
touched by invisible hands
In touch with hands
Ha bags
Hand bangs
Bang my hand

Ty A)))))))5T T
I need answers

I saw u full up a sprite bottle with water and eat a Russian bagel with ham and then a banana ur shoulder pads were so nice u looked like a beauty queen u skipped me in line and I couldn’t help think do u see me do u see me ?
U in a motorcycle jacket that’s ugly drinking a tea
Do u see me
Do u see me

Life is hard
When you are full of shards
The guac looks nice
But then I think twice
Was this for real
Is this the real deal
That rice n bean combo
W the cheese on top
Makes my heart drop
R u still in love with me?

that was when i dropped my cell phone in the toilet where i got a greek salad at a seafood restaurant and watched my now brother in law share a ben and jerrys vermonster with his brother and i didn’t know if i was in heaven or hell.  do i exist?
every time i think i look good 3 months go by and i start all over again
my bag of kale from t!*@$r j*&^%s is getting low and this is what you think of me
stroking my ice cube watching u eat an imperial roll
i was so alome
i knew i was being stared at but i didn’t know i was being spied on
do u know what a kangol hat is?
In the beginning
I would have
Given anything
To roll with you
To Stroll with yu
Grab a egg roll with you
But nowit’s gotten old with you
Like I wonder what to do with you
like I do with bread in my fridge with mold
It feels like I have control of you
I’m pretty much over you
I cant be bothers to roll over to pick up the phone when I get a call from you

I wish I could diasapear
I know how to make you disappear
I’m so alone
Everyone is air
Because I care I washed my hair
Making everything wet
Is making me wet
It’s so wet In here

Alone in my bed
Pretending to be dead

I’m sorry for all the shitI took
I don’t know why
I don’t know why
I don’t know why
It smelled so bad
I want a tattoo off 3 horses overlapping
Why are you laughing
My heart is wet
My heart is sweating
A dick that’s as thick as a big shit
Would feel god up my assI I think
If you want to get with this
Roll with my click
So you wont miss this
shit gets buck when we kiss

Today was not
My day
What’s the opposite of yay
I wish I was clueless
And more gay
Then maybe I would fit in in this place

I saw a rat carrying a bag of chips on its back
I smell good to a cat
You smell me good like a cat
You make me hot
You make me high like a kite
What do you do when you know a boy likes you. My mom never taught me anything about boys
Do you want to meet me at the gym and we can watch each other lift weights from far away?




one time when i tripped i thought i was a worm
i got on the floor of the kitchen and my friend watched me inch around
he thought it was sick
when i was sick i got into clocks
I wear a clock hanging around my neck
my body is thin like a skeleton
so when i change
sometime i look like
the grim reaper holding a clock by a chain
i’m just being honest i bet you never fucked with glocks
is that a ak or some air soft shit you got up in your profile pics
I love boys with beautiful cocks
i just noticed i am into men who work with rocks
i wonder if they know more about time
i’m hard
i’m hard
I wonder if dating anyone is a waste of my time
if i was a bug or an alien and this was my first day on this planet what would you tell me life is
going on a date with a man who carves gravestones
he said to me that life is just a dash between two dates
He lied to me
late one night He cried to me
my life is sick because of what you did to me


Do you love Sam Cooke or something?
Do you cook quinoa 3 times a week?
When’s the last time you got a massage?
How can you relax knowing the world is a mess?!
Please come over help me get dressed
I have so many men I need to impress
Big noses beautiful penises
Pea coats and totes
Curly brown hair
Nosh me up baby
I swear you won’t b disappointed
I’m so good at my job and will be for the rest of my life
Let me b your wife
I do wonders with a good knife
I cook u clean
I broke u mean
U Rich I fine
Forever and always, be mine


Dipping a green bean into some sour cream I’m a queen
I wanna be a baller
letting me know I'm the winning caller
Bitch dog with the the prettiest collar

You lied to me
Late one night you cried to me
Ruin is a gift ruin virginity
You Ruined my virgidity
my virulence has Protected me
I fear the hand of one who claims to love me
This experience made me
This experience has led me to this place
Here i am on my knees i the bathroom of amovie theatre
rubbing my buttery hand around inmy panties
I ok I admit it
I’m turned on by butter

poppy need a pee
poopy need a be with me
peepee meet a pretty poopy
poppy stands and stares

Snoopy my best friend
Dog is girl best friend
If u were my best friend would you tell me i can’t spell?
Would you call me a lysdexic bitch?
Yeah that what I thought but a thought is just a thought u know?
Sometimes u just gotta let it go
Let me go

Lookin hella phat
Rubbin on your cat
Baby you look so good your ass up on a bath mat
Gota little itch
Yeah you like that
yeah you like that
yeah you like that
Let it burn
Stomach churn
up in an urn
Ima plant a fern
On your grave
Visit you ona rainy day
You will always be a part of me

moldy are these tears i weep infected with the  scum i seep
this is deep will I always believe I am a good person deep down or and I knee deep in some shit ill never get out of
I get get out of it
I want want
out of my body
I have something to share with the world
a thirst quencher
a sipper
Sweetened with Fruit Running down my cheek
Flavor bonus:  every thought I have to think I have to think  a hundred times
your image a thousand times in my mind
your soul  i reap
mine to keep 
running down the streets you are running things 
you are running every thought I think
i pity the person who captivates my 
can’t I rewind in real life 
maybe one day you’ll adore me
scratching thank you on my door
begging to see me
or on some notepad you just can’t stop scribbling my name
lol or maybe just delusional like a retard eating out of a fruit cup being mad joyful and thinking my shit is somhow special while you ignore me


one day ill fine a lady like this one
who wears her boobs am smashed down under a button up
a beautiful butch
with a energetic bitch
whoknows how to hit me with a wooden stick
keep her on a leash 
go on a walk with me
up on bernal hill with a beautiful breeze 
your smoking a joint and sipping a capuchino while i drink my fave roibos tea

"Listerine mystery" (a poem)
my mystery,
it happens every time you smile"

U n I Justin beuber I’m my dreamer going up on me ona bunk bed gets meall hot hot meal I squeal what the deal is thus love for real his sexappeal that bod of steel he flex and hex and I scream gimme sex
Who next
Fa tasy

Bad tipper tryna undo my zipper
Ima scratch you out
Cross you out
Cut you off like clippers
Youre damned if you dodamned ifyou
Pretend I’m a cheerleader jumping
Imagine us humping
I look unforgettable
Get this
Get this
Get this
Catch you in a net
You make me hot
Cool me off
Wipe you off like sweat
I won’t sweat you
Your making me wet
No sweat
Do you have a meth pipe?
Dirty likea wet wipe
Get out my face
Take me to your place
Go to first base
Then Give me space
or ill use my pink case of mace and spray your face

R u fat
I can be
If u can see
How Its me
Me in the microwave
Doubles as my grave
Radiation waves to hell
I’m stuck I’m gelled
Jelly around my lips I lick it off
U wanna lick it off?
Come find this chik
Cause she wants dick
And an acne covered chest
Shit I’m the best

U r dead 2 mein
I can’t eat almonds anymore because u fukzed w my head
U r dead
To me
Ur not cool

my eyes close when i sit down
i can't stand up unless i'm making out
cross you out
My big juicy pout
eat a powdered donut
Bc it look good on my mouth
I don't eat cheese
I don't ething
But i gotta e stick
thats what i'm about
i got a call saying
Brother Bare withdrew $730 from
your account
i wish i could use that money to buy
some dignity

Drive me insane
Drive me to the beach
Tie me up put me in a bag
mix cement and drown my feet
Drown me
R.i.p. at the bottom of the sea
I Sink in a sink
Boy I think
I d like a drink
Look Down
I’m shining pink What you think
I meow
Like a bunch of bricks in a bag
You know i’m not in love with you
I rather Gag than be your hag Now you stink
I only loved you in the club with you because I have issues
Lose one shoe
Bc I can’t fin my tissues
Losing you
Lose those shoes them shits r skrugs
I got Kmart feet
I am crying because
Gag me
Grab me
grab a club
Trap a cub
wash it with suds
make it your pet
Keep it around for hugs And love We Listen to trap you wear your cap I rub your back
Have you noticed I doesn’t matter if I’m here have you noticed yourself your still talking and I haven’t said anything
I’m not here
Touch me in the rear
Grab x slum gear An piece f cher Hide A coin behind my ear Come near Or ill shed a tear


Give me a sign
A penis In Venus
A virus crawling up my spine
Like a vine
Inching in a line
Up a pine
A little paper cat
With a kitty litter hat
Put jelly on my belly
I going to hellie

call me or die
its peer pressure you say
i can disagree
kiss me hater miss me later

You secret sock bitch
No nonsense slipper hoe
Do u think you’re better than me because u can be comfortable and I am stuck sticky inthis oogshy gushy headspace
R u for real
U lazy fuckin hoe
Put some shoes on like everything else
Didn’t like you to begin w and now u pull this
Ur feet little bunnies
So sweet
How was i to start
W all these neggie thoughts
Just because u wear ankle socks
Shout out

when can i eat
carrot juice
love u
no i has apple saucewe have yoyo fryo
soo hunry

*correction i’m
im untiring
lay me down
lay down beside me
ask me why I’m sighing
pass on a wet nap
get turned on
take my magic want
get it with a magic wand
cum all on your hat collection
save a load for my
its hungry for your cum
come through
I’ll roll through with my giant crew
in a crew neck
I only see you
Fly though Jersey in a hurry
Gets a mcflurry 
take out my contacts so my visions
 get blurry
i got connex with a guy who collects jerseys
he got a 00, a 01, 02, 23, and 62

Barbershop 2 biatch
Dunk this
Dunc-y donk
Donkey boo
Dr donk
Daddy donk
Im eating slop
So ican drop 5 pounds
Keep my ass nice and round
They call me bitch for short
Ill keep you trained
Do me wrong and ill send you to the pound
Get your meat turned to a ground
Sell you for $5 a pound
Give me something to eat
Smack my cheeks to the beat

cedric the entertainer
soul drainer
dog trainer
no pain no gainer


Feeling good cause im not a hater
Straight up just not a hater
I can hate but then I stand up and it’s like damn it’s nothin but love for real
Cause what u do is good
And ur real

i just finished the last piece of toiletpaper B
but please dont come crying to me
when you have pee drippin down you knee
im exactly where you dont want me to be
on the walgreen isle counting quarters to see
if today is the day we get more TP
fuck i know its a bad day but real talk relax
this is not forever



roll me up in a towel
tonight i’mon
Tonight i’mon the prowl
ride on the back of a butterfly
thats how i roll
thats how i get high
thats why i cry
Juices runnin ou my eyes
in times of joy
so glad I survive

Landing here
took forever
i dunno
a volcano errupted
i dunno
i think
it was just volcanic ash
blowing in our direction
somethings changing
i feel twisted
crooked tail a cat named changes
like my my age
r d the features on my face
r dey getting to be perfect
I want them to be
heat and wetness
are the variables that leads to the twisting of the wind
i wonder if i will ever have the strength
to quit eating candy
is this why im sad inside


I can’t understand
Why an man
Have No steez no grace
You look like a caveman
When you pucker your lips and lean into my face
Your rank breath
Rising from a hole in your ugly face
Why you think you deserve my embraxe
Get back in your place
Back at my place
You Don’t know where to put your hand
Can’t get your dick to stand
Cum on my Tum
can I ask you why
You were done
In one second
Yes I want to have sex
I just don’t want to have sex with you
I thought you wanted to get it
No I get it
Attraction and repulsion are two sides of the same coin
im comin
But I ask myself why I would put myself in this position again n again
Being with you makes me realize how cool and beautiful I am in the worst possible way
by contrast
I’m shocked by how disgusted I can be by just the words you say
I wish you could
in real life

spread the foam to heal my skin cracks
flirty littl snorlax up and down the block
get to my house pop a beer straight up the butt you just got rockd
wats that little lax you need to reapply the money stacks 
to my rump
up pump down pump out 
now its limp all i can do is shout 
all about how fast you got done
like water sucked into the earth after a drought 
i got band practice later peace out

Vague blame
We all the same
Picturing u
On me
My reality
Can’t u see
R u a dj? delivery
Pls hurry
Mama hungry
4 ur money
Serve me wow me luv me
Show me ur ways
Really real u no the deal

Coco no
Feel me Rock me
I look loko yo
O no
I want to blow yo
Life of froyo
You’re on a roll Eating a rollo
I wanna get ta know yo
Get down
Get tense leave me with some intense images
Dows childhood Ritalin use lead to noncancerous brain tumors
Is potatoes a tuber
Do it like to get down
To grow big in a hole then get pulled out
Im pilled out
Get bullied by a bull get left laying down with your pockets inside out

A guy in toe shoes sitting next too you
Ly your butt out
Touching you butt you ask me to get out
MUDD jeans
Pain I can feel
Really real
Bring the sun out
Asking the universe to bring light into my life
I’m asking the universe to bring light into my life
I know what you’re going through
Gotta run
Time to rpeaceOut
Be about it
About me
Roses and whip cream
In my dreams
Wishing I could scream
Cream my jeans
Be mean


sugar sweet
sunlight in me
i can se
i can see some beauty in the way you say hey
i can see some beauty in the way you say "hey"
woke up from a dream
last night
everything has changed i look black
i look back
slicked back on a slick i slip
tipsy i slip on a dip and rip
let me get a lick
i wish i was as yummy as you
heehe you're yummy
Let me get one dip
wow mad exotic
a dip of bliss
how can a person resist

full feast
I’m letting it all sink in 
"Really Real"
Just want to crunch
Night to day
Day to Night
when we sneak up on the
snoosh up dup push up
lemon lavendar hook up
shook up
Damn Shamika your nose big
you like that sizzle but no one likes you

got my hair done for the marth stewart show but they didnt do a close up
i didnt get on TV
why, is that just me?
just my luck
wanna fuck
wanna fuck ??
do you wanna fuck?
you told me i could pass as half japanese
you worked at the autobody shop on 15th and mission
and can i have your number so we can kick it
and i was like no i have a boyfriend sorry but i hope u liked that soy boba
its the thick and creamy that get to me
blue and pink and 
glossy fliss flossy


My matcha maker heaven shaker
What u kno about that
Do u wanna roll w me
I got the best candy

from on my on my shoe room 2
Pumar pouncing
in my mind a pumar red
pounc ced
and barely missed you
Roses red
sneaking up next to you
i barely miss you
its true
i will barely miss you
look forward to never hearing from me
in my mind
too many thoughts
try to think
so many time i blink
like one like one
we are all one like this
calling to let you know
its so hard now to let go
its so hard to know
pass it very slow
i’m gonna blow
blow it up
blow pop buble gim over lmy lips so you dont have to touch me directly when we kiss
let us remain distinct
not sure we should link
ehh i’m on the brink i think
i sink
i dont know if this is true but
i stink i think
ummmmm actually i take that back
but i wanted to let you know that i dont know if this is working out
and i was really looking for a relationship that would
ummmm actually i want to tell you something ive been keeping secret for some time
im a lesbain
um actually i just wish you would call me more i mean i know thats why were still friends though is because we never hang out
feed me
i feel so hungry
i feel wack and cracked
like really empty and dried out like if i was taking laxatives
feel me?
my mind feel like a popcorn mad puffed out and eaten by someone
please remind me i find it so hard to remember and ything
i ask my self does being around you detract from my beauty
i will pay you 50 Dollars to go to macys together and try on lipsticks
to a beautiful woman
one last lick
something really juicy and drippy
let me get a licky off ur lippy
one last sippy
before i create this new rippy



fantasy makes me reality takes me
is this the true manifesto of the psycho
am i transient
a shot in the dark a fantazy or  a fart
in time
good enough to say  “im blessed"
bad enough to say “fuck the rest"

slob on my binkie
big babie with my hershey drinkie
shoutout at the shootout
this one goes out  to my girl in the ankie socks
I hope you never forget you rock
a rock in your shoe never rocked you

I don’t like it when you leave but I love to watch you walk away

R u that somebody
The sickest stlyoe
Look at me under the mistletoe
U wanna kiss me
Don’t risk it
Rise to tha occasion
Kiss me boo
Kiss me bitch
I wanna kiss u 2
R u my somebody
Give my booty a lil kiss u know u wanna
Lick my lil tittles
Suck on my toes
Cum on my nose
Buy me a rose
Lemme b sexy strike a pose
Be happy this the chick u chose


Someone help me I’m one step away from losing it
Need a hug
Feel small like a bug
Don’t touch me
Don’t try to get in touch
I won’t pick up
Zip me up  in a  bag and send me away
I’m gonna go down the street and get a yogurt
Is that k?
I could leave
I could leave it on your doorknob even if you didn’t want to see me
I had a dream you broke up with your boyfriend and told me you were in love with me
I was suprised
I’ve got peanut butter on my fingers
Praynut butter getting stuck in between the keys on the keyboard
I had a dream we too ecstasy in computer class and I got really mad and kept asking you is this what it’s supposed to be like ? Is this what is supposed to be like?
I can’t wait til I’m on the beach  with my mom
getting a massage
So warm
something Smells so good
Wind blowing the baby hairs
coming out of my Fresh Cornrow

World of a psycho
Watch me go go
Out your window

Lying here so fucked up
Can you come
I’m coming to you
I want to shave my pubes
I haven’t taken a shower since tues
Can you help me up
Leaving the house for the first time by my self
Hang me
Hang me up
Put me back on my shelf
Rolling in my wheelie
I’m not feelie
I’m rolling into a gutter
How many days have I wanted coconut milk Popsicles from whole foods but no one knows
I wonder if you understand
Think I’m joking
Seeing me in a wheelchair after a year of not seeing me I wonder what you think
Why am I so weird I can hardly think what to say
And deep down I know that’s ok
But at first it sort of makes me want to die at first
It’s been days since I’ve had an experience that make me think oh this is why life is worth living because I’m so dazed by the humiliation of my flesh

can someone tell me why
love tear me apart
sitting in the other room in the dark 
I’m scared
cutting me off
cutting off the edges for me
i’m hungry for you hun
you’ll find me hiding
under a bun
oh no i do not eat
oh no you showed up
Just for me
oh no you showed up on one
im only a pitstop on your way to get some
calm down
Oo you dont get me
i dont know why i dont know why
can’t look at you
i keep looking down
dont know what to do
four corners parting in different directions
with waves crashing between them

Watch me go loco
Coco choko puff
Snap crackle n pop that
When u watch dat
Errone runnin n gunnin
But I just Layin in the sunnin
Word up

Jelly make me happy
Sweet and sappy
Slurping tabouli hummi
that drip from your lip
Onto your tummy
I can be thankful for this
Come to me
i Long to see
your leopard print panty
from under your jean

livin la vida loca
all up in this choka mocha 
frap attack
wack back hat
cappy on my napy u wanna slappy my lil bappy
till im happy n u wanna clappy cause im just like macky
wacky macky 
hacky sacky
saddy waddy 
w’il baby
boohoo til u cru cru 
cruise away

in my dreams i with
i could get to know you
so thirsty for you like licking water droplets off
a rose under my nose
rose petals on my satin sheets
i want you to get with me
get in my bed 
ill give you head until your dick tip shining pink
pre cum driblets round urethra blooming
lick my finger tip with fergie nail polish on it
lick a drip of your sweetness
take me out to the store and buy me a blue gatorade
ill be blue forever without you


oll loves pilt me
at the ilt me world
all right!!
Thngs will be
may be better
to you and me
all right
when this
wheel world’s turned upsede



i am not mad
i am not sad
someone told me i smell good today
i couldn’t say thanks because my breath was so bad
but i am not mad
i am not sad
this is just d way life is
i want all the tim to press stop but i just have to keep on living
this is the worst poem i hate it this is the worst poem i have ever written
i wish i could start over and i never wanted to write s poem
i wish i could stop
i wish i could start over
i want a new face
i want a new name
a wan to pause this
i wish i felt as much joy as i feel shame
what if this feeling never ends
peace out i have to go take some b vitamins

even though im flossing alot
my mouth has bad taste since the first the first time i kissed you

I remember the last thing i ate
red, white, blue, a popsicle on 4th of july
red on the tip
ur lips all rosy from sucking on it

imagining ur hands all over me
i remember the last thing i ate
the smell of mexican food all over my hands
making it hard for me to cum for some reason
ill never forget in texas one summer, i saw monkeys jumping out of a tree after i smoked salvia with my friend in a car on 
i’ll never know if that was real or if iwas just imagining it
pusshy stank like a swamp in summer
even though im flossing alot


i sexed all those who could be sexed
now I'm hexed
I'm in a room full of ex's
their all sending me texts


Lonely night I smoke land i choke land
I fly solo
my Asian style my waiter wear black polo
W/blue puffy sleeve protector
Black and blue
Am be alone to be so blue
Why I order my milk tea hot and not cold
This dreadful thought is getting so dreadfully old
Like the dread of yours I’ve been keeping safe for you in a fold


In the beginning
I would have
Given anything
To roll with you
To Stroll with yu
Grab a egg roll with you
But nowit’s gotten old with you
Like I wonder what to do with you
like I do with bread in my fridge with mold
It feels like I have control of you
I’m pretty much over you
I cant be bothers to roll over to pick up the phone when I get a call from yo

Were we vibing
Or was I
Just dreaming

Getting hooked
Getting hooked up
I only fuck girls who look like ducks
Hook me up with someone new
I could use something new
ok I'm gonna tell you my big secret
im anorexic
i want to look like a worm
Hook me
hook me up
I have nothin to do
i wish someone would teach me something new
I wish someone would teach me how to be a hooker so
I could make a buck
While ifuck
without getting too fucked up

I like u wow
I like you wow
When I look at u I’m like wow
I wanna kiss
I wanna kiss u
I’m like wow I wanna kiss u right now right now
my arm wrapped around yu And me
Wearing matching hoodies
We walking up and down the street
Connected by a special energy

If you wanted something from me you should have been up front and asked
Have some class
Don’t tell me to relax
Everytime we talk I have to gasp
Your right, I can’t relax I. Can hardly take a breath
Reminds me of your hand on my neck.
Remenicient of you grabbing my head
Renicient of how fast a foot on my neck can make me com co Com com com com com com Being with u makes me want to run Re run re run re run run run run run run run
Takeoff your shoes Take a hot shower Ill yells to your power Baby put your feet In my hands
Let me powder you Put on a new pair of shoes Some white eyeshadow Hell yeah girl your look good in baby blue


Sleepless my sadness
I’m crying because I’m so glad to be alive
I’m crY because I never want to die
It’s crazy I have this one chance to be alive
Don’t fuck with me bitxhes
move to the side
I gotta get up
its gonna be live


at LFC drinkng tea
eating a muffin
watching tv
this is the happiest moment of my life
fuck every person who choses to disrespect my time
my energy
and my kindness
I’m hardly every happier than I am hanging out by myself listening to hip hop on my IPod

 Sucks to get stuck to get stuck taking a drunk boy home. Sucks to get sucked and bust a nut up In a drunk boys dome. Sucks to get stuck walking a drunk boy walking a drunk boy home. By now it’s time for change i’m rolling with the posi rolling with the posi people. I want to be your best friend. I wish I could call you on the phone. I miss u boo. It sucks that we only fuck when we fucked up and now and now and now i’m alone



the night you called me  hoochie
all i wanted was to be at home alone drinking a kombuchie
like a weeping willow 
i cried into my pillow
i got off with my dildo that i bought with money from some pills i sold 







when i go will u miss me at all
i tri,
I tried so hard for help
but I'm never get bored
I never want to die
i bet u try
none the less, now when i try
ima try to forget
its like when send me email at the wrong address
sometimes my likes a mess
rotten sandwich under my desk
ur coming on to me in a text
its chill boo i have no regrets
i' tattooing picks of ur dick onto my chest
being with you was the best

Faithfully frequent
A picture reminds me
there could be
A whole below
your lip
where I turn inexpensive stone
to a diamond
Aquiescently, Sharing distace
Incendiary or incignifigant
Why do I feel so close to you
Virtually piercedly by your prescence
Grasping for for and implimiment
to fill a hole In my vicinty

Explosive brown
your outer layer is my inner layer and my outer layer is your
My eyes, your eyes who cares
Explosive Brownie, Brown Vibes
Why they said, when two become one
F this math class
I did notice you you taking off you face
Did you notice me put it back in its place
brown drips make brown rips
intorduce me to your skeleton
You skeleton?
The ultimate match
my inside is her outside and her inside is how
my outside
Sister, we've got the same stains
Get a fucking stain stick bitch



Poems written by Marisa Takal, Hannah Kirby, Keke Hunt and Taeer Maymon between