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Sanitation for Home Surgery
Tools can sanitized by boiling or soaking in a 5% bleach solution for at least 20 minutes*. Betadine or Iodine can be used to kill microbes on skin. Surgical Soap such as Hibiclens or Microsan is appropriate for cleaning surfaces, tools and skin. Rubbing alcohol is not recommended for sanitizing surfaces, surgical equipment or the skin.
Latex or Nitrile Gloves should be worn and hands should be washed before gloves are put on. Surfaces should be cleaned with an antimicrobial such as surgical soap. Sanitary paper drapes should be used and trimmed to size for the implant location. Wear freshly laundered clothing or scrubs and consider wearing surgical shoe covers.

Recommended Microbe Resistant Fabrics

Coexistance with Microbes in a Sanitized World

Sanitize pearls by boiling or steam method. Bleach is not recommend.

Read this document in its entirely before beginning the procedure

*A steam method is used by the Medical Mission Sisters of the Philippines to Sanitize tools using the following procedure: Place the tray in a cooking pan. Fill the pan with water until it reaches halfway up the tray. Cover the pan with 8 layers of clean green banana leaves. Bind the leaves tightly in place with strips of banana leaf or bark. Be careful not to spill water into the tray when you do this. Put the pan on a low fire and boil for about 1 hour.Throw away the top layer of the leaves. You can use one of the inner layers to put your instruments on..
**Source William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi

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adapted from BME Zine**

The Pearls can be placed using one of two techniques.

Piercing Technique

1. Mark the inciscion point using a surgical marker. Each pearl requires two incisions. Where you’d like the pearl to sit in between the two inciscion points.
2. Make the incision. A scalpel or a larger gauge needle (8ga and up) can be used.
3. Insert the leading taper.
4. Hold the bead between the taper and the pusher rod.
5. Place the bead.
6. The bead is in place. The purple discoloration is just surgical marker, indicating that the bead is in the right location.
7.Close the incisions with butterfly bandages, surgical tape or sutures.

Implant Technique
This technique requires only one incision point. Multiple beads can be inserted from the same incision point. This technique is more invasive, more painful and requires a bit more medical knowlege than the peircing technique.

1. Mark your incision point and proposed bead locations using a surgical marker.
2. Make the incision.
3. Using a dermal separator*** to create a pocket to insert the pearls.
4. Inserting the implant or implants. Some artists do this by hand, while others use tools.
6. Suture the inciscion closed. Tape may be added to help minimize migration for the first couple days.

As long as you give proper attention to sanitation and placement no addtional aftercare should be required other than regular washing. Sutures can be removed after about week with cuticle scissors and tweezers.

**For Diagrams of the described procedure refer to BMEZine’s page on Genital Beading.
***A Dermal separator is essentially a tiny spatula used to create a pocket for the dermal implant. Different spatula designs of varying shapes and sharpnesses are used depending on the area. A scalpel is not an appropriate substitute for a dermal separator because it is extremely difficult to avoid cutting skin layers rather than simply separating them.


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Aftercare Cont’d
Once healed, the pearl implants can only be removed surgically.
If infection occurs a doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics. If infection persists removal with be necessary as there is not other way to drain the modification.
Migration is common so be prepared for your implant to move slightly. In rare cases, rejection can occur. Typically the skin will blister and the implant will reject through the skin and fall out like a splinter.


Pearling History
Pearling a.k.a. Speed bumps is the practice of permenatly inserting pearls under the skin most commonly the skin of the genitals — of the labia, or of the shaft or of foreskin of the penis. This practice was traditionally used in prison by the Yakuza, a japanese organized crime sydicate, to denote years served in prison sometimes it denotes years served in order to protect higher ranking members***. With limited supplies available in prison, inciscions for the pearling procedures are usually made with a sharpened chopstick or toothbrush.

Body Modification in Yakuza Culture

Comparing the Social Function of the Practice of Pearling with its Visual Function

Bugchasing and the history of Sexual Attraction to the Disabled and Diseased


****Pearling, called ‘bolitas’ is said to have been common amoung Fillipino seamen who used stones or small plastic balls instead of pearls. Penis implants as well as piercings known as Tundruck (Penis-pin) and Sakra (Penis-Ring)were also reportedly common in the Phillipines and other parts of Southeast Asia since ancient times. I can’t comment of the credibility of his account however for some antecdotal information about this subject refer to William Heny Scotts historical/anthropological text, Barangay: Sixteenth Century Philippine Culture and Society.

Lip Colour

Pigments applied to the lips have been used to enhance feminine beauty for at least 5000 years. Men have also decorated their mouths over the millennia, but nowhere near to the extent that women have. As with the application of other cosmetics, coloring the lips sends a non-verbal signal of sexual arousal which evokes a particularly strong reaction in men. It is true that actual bodily arousal in both men and women leads to more blood flowing to the lips, making them redder, yet in most cultures today is only the women who wear lipstick, lending weight to the hypothesis that coloring the lips mimics the increased coloring that occurs in the female genitals when a women is sexually aroused. The inner labia actually do become bright red just prior to orgasm.

Wet Lips

In the same way, wet lips seem to mimic the increased lubrication of the female genitals during sexual arousal. Thus many lipsticks are glossy to make the lips appear constantly wet, as if just licked. Licking the lips is at the extreme end of non-verbal sexual signaling with the mouth and tongue. Wen exaggerated of blatantly done, looks lecherous and uninviting. Done subtly, it sends a clear unspoken message of attraction. The latter effect can be achieved by licking the lips wile the other person is visually distracted of by employing one had as a momentary shield to hide the lips for a moment as they are licked. A sensuous extension of this is to use a single finger like a lipstick applicator.
For demonstrating finesse, the most effective technique is the slight wetting of the lips using the darting tip of the tongue. For women who choose not to wear lipstick, and for men too, there are many products on the marker that gloss the lips with moisture, including flavored balms that anoint the lips with seductive aromas.

Swollen Lips

Whatever the shape of your lips, their volume increases when you become sexually aroused. Blood causes them to engorge, increasing their sensitivity dramatically as if prepared them for kissing, and again mimicking the genitals. A number of celebrated fashion models and actresses in the late 1980s had their lips injected with silicone in order to send a non-verbal signal of permanent sexual arousal. As with other artificial beauty- enhancing processes, this treatment has the detrimental effect of robbing women of choice. Remember, it is choice that gives us freedom and power and control over our sexual non-verbal communications. We are generally more skilled at controlling the muscles and signals of the ace than this of the rest of the body, though control of the size of our lips is virtually impossible.

A Kiss is Never Just a Kiss

As we become attracted to someone our lips and mouth become increasingly sensitive to touch and other stimulation. Thus a man or woman staring at a bar eating a savory snack, will without realizing it, take even bigger mouthfuls and chew faster as they become aroused. If they are smoking ( which some people find a very unsexy habit), more drags will bar

Source: Sexual Secrets of Body Language Book by Martin Lloyd Elliot

ExaggerationRamachandran's Principle of Peak shift

Professor V.S. Ramachandran, Neuroscientist,explains the Herring Gull Test, an experiment with baby seagull chicks that illustrates the neurological principle of peak shift — the hard-wiring of brains to focus on parts of objects that matter the most. Peak shift is fundamental in understanding why we prefer exaggerated images of the human body.
Scientist Niko Tinbergen discovered that Herring gull chicks habitually tap the red-striped beak of their mother to be fed. He further realized that the tapping response of the chicks could be triggered without any beak at all.

In place of the beak, the chicks responded to a yellow colored stick with a red strip painted on its side. Further, if the number of stripes were increased, from one strip to three stripes, the chick's enthusiasm for tapping the stick and demanding food increased proportionally.

"…when the chick looks at this elongated object with three red stripes it responds even more than it does to a natural beak."

"I think there's an analogy here in that what's going on in the brains of our ancestors, the artists who were creating these Venus figurines were producing grossly … exaggerated versions, the equivalent for their brain of what the stick with the three red stripes is for the chick's brain."

Bee Venom Lip Gloss

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1Not worth the money AT ALL
ByGina "Gina"on January 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
The only positive thing I can say about this product is that the packaging is cute. It didn't plump my lips at all, it's really sticky and shiny which is not my preference, and the amount of actual gloss in the tube is almost insulting. Complete waste of $18. DuWop makes a roller-ball lip venom which I had used in the past and really liked. It's not sticky and actually made my lips look bigger. I recommend trying to find that one. DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!!!!!!!!

1No plump whatsoever, very disappointed
Bylovebugon April 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
Although it does smell great it's simply nothing more than over priced clear lip gloss. There is a slight tingle but nothing more. You could get the same effect by putting toothpaste on your lips. I tried it several times and took photos each time and saw zero change. But if your looking for just simply a clear lip gloss there you go!

4Venom to the Lipz
ByU. S. Bank Card "Poyzn Kiss"on July 16, 2005

This product works pretty well for making your lips fuller and have more color, but what I really enjoy about this product is the feeling it leaves on your lips, it leaves them feeling fresh and vibrant. I would definatly recomend this product to someone who is looking for a new kind of lip gloss.

ByStopDropKaboomon April 29, 2009
Verified Purchase
I have extremely sensitive skin, and I cannot use scented or colored soap on my face. My lips have never had problems with lipstick, face paint, or other cosmetics before, so I decided to go ahead and try Lip Venom. I was very nervous upon my first application, because I had read that the burning sensation was intensely painful for some people. Well, I had little to worry about. When I applied Lip Venom, I barely felt anything. It took awhile for the tingling to kick in, and even then it burned only a little. I am also extremely sensitive to spicy foods, and I cannot stand "medium" salsa, but the spiciness of Lip Venom was absolutely tolerable and felt rather sexy.

My lips are already nicely plump, not overly so, and all the Lip Venom did was redden them and make them shine. Despite no increase in size (at least no noticeable increase), I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. It is NOT painful, even if your pain tolerance is only at a two or three. While it may not significantly plump your lips, it is nice to have a non-sticky lip gloss that brings out the natural color in you lips. Also, it smells delicious. If you have doubts about buying this product, forget them and go for
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Body Modification in Yakuza Culture, Cont’d