Bubbly, 2015


This is my Inspo, 2013



Blue Rose this Song is For You, 2014


I'm the One They Call Spongebob, 2013



Tonight, 2016


My Wretched Beauty, 2014


Sister we have the same stains, 2014



Anytime, Anyplace, 2014



Pinky's Song, 2014


Raindrop's Locker, 2015


Pixel (I love you), 2013



Just the Right Height is a solo music project formed by Keke Hunt. Active 2013 to Present.

Upcoming Dates

Full U.S. Tour 2017 - Dates TBA

Upcoming Releases

LP to be Released on Primitive Languages Brooklyn Spring 2017

"Your Balls Hit my Face" Vol. 1Compilation on Anathema Archive to be Released Early 2016

Past Releases

Post-Fergie White Christmas (2015)- Primitive Languages Brooklyn
Available in the webstore and

JRH/Gxnt Valentine Tour Split (2015)- Allgone tapes Philadelphia

Piglet Angelino Tour Single (2014) - Light a Candle tapes
Tour Only - Sold Out