Fan with Kelly, New York, 2015

Broken Honeycomb with Zoe, Baltimore, 2015

Celtic Knotte Femme with Christ, Baltimore, 2015

Desert Daisy for Will, San Francisco, 2015

Beardsley Fleur for Molly, Baltimore, 2015

Harlequin Ragdoll for Yureka, Philadelphia, 2015

Red Stallion for Rusty, Baltimore, 2014

Left Hand with Matthew, San Francisco, 2012

Zippo Femme for Dylan, Baltimore, 2015

Herald's Staff for Gunt, Baltimore 2015


Wobbly Witch with Will, Baltimore 2015

Barbed wire rose for Gunt, Maine, 2015

Sad Clown for Nick, Brooklyn, 2015

One Eyed Cheshire with Chauser, Oakland, 2013

Twisted Fan for Emma, Brooklyn, 2015

Twisted Fan for Emma (alternate view), Brooklyn, 2015

Velvet Underground Lace-up for Chris, Baltimore, 2015

Goodbye Kitty Fan for Jamie, Baltimore, 2015

Wounded Cowboy for Kory, Baltimore, 2015

Sexy Charm Fan for Flannery, Los Angeles, 2015

Broken Butterfly for Jamie, Baltimore, 2015

Flower Ornament for Gunt, Baltimore, 2015

Red Patches Grid with Reece, Baltimore 2014

Femme Centaur for Kayla, Los Angeles, 2015 ( pic styled by Kayla Ephros)

Ladybug Basket for Flannery, Los Angeles, 2015

Lo-Fi Peace Lily For Chloe, Los Angeles, 2015 (pic Styled by Chloe Maratta)

Butterfly fan in Rouge for Chloe, Baltimore, 2014 (pic styled by Chloe Maratta)

Knotte Rose for Dan, Hayfork, 2016






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