Marisa's Song, 2012

Diva, 2011

You Nori was formed in 2011 by Marisa Takal and Keke Hunt in San Francisco, CA.

I found a tee shirt on a trash can that said "YOU NORI" in sequins. That's how we got our name.

Alex's Song, 2012


Jicky, 2012

We played our first show at our college. After we played people were like, "that was weird."

It was like that. We had a few fans, played a few shows, but mostly we just had our gear, four drum sticks if we were lucky, and eachother.

Lafred, 2013


Purple Satin Shirt, 2013

Candy, 2011

You Nori was active between 2011 and 2013. We played our last show in Baltimore, Maryland in November 2013.


Pooh, 2012


Photo credit: Alex Chaves (Green plaid and White Photoshoot), Taeer Maymon (You Nori Practice from Cycle Sisters), Justin Smith (My favorite show, Last Show)